Authors, Speakers & Entrepreneurs…You’re Probably A Lot Closer to Getting a Sponsorship Than You Realized

The Sponsorship Roadmap teaches you how to get SPONSORED by corporations and SUPERCHARGE your business!

A little later I’m going to tell you how a student of mine got her new product and service sponsored before her unfinished website even launched, but for now I’m going to tell why sponsors want (and need) you.

Yes, YOU

To be SUCCESSFUL with sponsorship you…

  • Do NOT need any previous business experience— I’ll show you why a bit later…
  • Do NOT need to have technical skills—Learn my tested relationship method that’s secured brands such as BMW, Dell, Disney, and more!
  • You do NOT even need to have an existing event or product yet— just wait until you read the case study below!

Thousands have the ability to get sponsors,
but few think they’re ready for it.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what working with sponsors would be like, but you might have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

  • No one will ever sponsor me.
  • I’m just 1 person.
  • ​I have nothing to give a sponsor.
  • What if I’m rejected?
  • I don’t know where to find a sponsor!

You can’t find a quicker, easier way to learn from the comfort of your home on how to get sponsors to fund your dreams and sky rocket your credibility!

Would it make your life easier if you had a few extra thousand dollars to put towards your business?
How about $10,000? $100,000?

Imagine the leaps and bounds you could finally make having the breathing room to focus on what matters most to you. Your Message. You Business. Your Dreams.

Sponsorship is seriously the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S. it can:

  • Increase Credibility, Image, and Prestige — quickly become a celebrity or authority figure in your market.
  • Maximize influence in your niche — charge more to do business with you!
  • Attract MORE of your target market — align with the right brands and increase your customer base!
  • Drive more sales with supercharged sponsorship promotions — supercharge your revenue so your not worrying where your next client is coming from

BE the Person people switch to…

89% of Americans are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality”

2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study

My story...

Roberto Candelaria

Roberto C. Candelaria

When “Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship” hit #1 on an international best selling list — I knew I’d be building more relationships with people whose message was more important than the money and guiding others on how they too, could fund their dreams.

Many years ago I had no idea where to begin when I first started securing sponsorships for the organizations for whom I volunteered. Not only was I unsure of where to start, I couldn’t find the resources I desperately needed to become successful.

As I learned the secrets of the trade I immediately started teaching start ups, non-profits, and others with dreams to fund their goals. Because of this— I quickly rose to an in-demand mentor, trainer, and consultant, and have worked with such companies as American Airlines, BMW, Dell, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm insurance, Wells Fargo and Zappos, just to name a few.

Companies I worked with

With more than 12 million in sponsorship dollars acquired… I’ve built the sponsorship roadmap as the complete step-by-step system on getting the insider secrets of how companies make their decision on who gets sponsored!

My secrets: Revealed!

All revealed to YOU in a system that has now helped authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, coaches and consultants all over the world.

… is a step-by-step guidebook to unravel the mystery of how sponsorships work – AND – a manual that will give you the confidence to approach any sponsor with integrity and a Win-Win attitude.

Barry Spilchuk 
Co-Author Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

I Want you to THINK BIG NOW!

If you want to get your product or message in the hands of more people, you can’t ignore the power of sponsorship. There is no better time than now to grow your business and fund your dreams with other people’s money.

Are you ready to open that email with a sponsor saying “YES” and they’re ready to give you a check?

Are you confused as to how to approach your dream sponsor?

Are you tired of submitting unanswered emails and feel like your begging?

Are you frustrated because a deadline is approaching fast and your contemplating calling it quits?

I had NEVER heard of sponsorship before…I bought Roberto’s book, took one of his courses and implemented what I learned. I had a major sponsor BEFORE I even launched my website. Now I am working with a fortune 500 company who is sponsoring an event I am putting together.

Christina Daves 
Founder of PR for Anyone 

What if you could build your relationship with a major sponsor like Christina did?
You Can!

It's True: You Really Can Get Corporations to Purchase and Promote Your Products And Here's EXACTLY What You’ll Discover When You Enroll;

  • What Sponsorship is... And Why You Want Sponsors!
  • Why Sponsors Need YOU... Get Paid To Help Them Reach Their Business Goals
  • How to Get your book, website, events and dreams sponsored... Finally be able to breathe and let your creativity flow knowing the bills are paid.
  • How to find the "right" person for your sponsorship... You won’t spend countless hours with trial and error making sales calls and crossing your fingers (I’ve been there, you’ll learn this in lesson 2 in the course!)
  • How to Make it Drop-Dead Simple for Anyone, Including Sponsors, to Promote You!… If you don’t know how to leverage a promotion it could be the LAST check you get!

But Wait… There’s More!

  • How to Introduce yourself to a sponsor... if you get the opportunity to speak 1-on-1 you HAVE to say these three things.
  • Get Companies to PAY to sponsor YOU, your products and services... Avoid the cash flow roller coaster that makes your stomach turn every month.
  • How to Create Effective Sponsorship Proposals… Know the Best Ways to Package Your Proposal and What to Write in Them.
  • Increase The Bottom Line Of Your Sponsorship... Go From Bleeding Red and Into The Black

No Longer Worry How The Development Bills Will Get Paid!

Whether you’re just starting to grow your business or looking for a powerful resource, understanding the basics of sponsorship can jumpstart your influence and keep you from bleeding the business red.

Don’t worry abut needing “only this much” to get by— get 5X to 10X the amount of sponsorship by learning this one secret on asking for more.

Receive sponsorship templates that have helped others secure money right away . . . this section alone will save you literally hundreds of wasted dollars per hour hiring consultants to just look it over.

The sponsorship industry is all about getting paid over and over again. If you have been working hard for years and are still struggling to make ends meet, the tips in this course will give you one-of-a-kind, valuable insights into:

  • Shopping for the ideal sponsors quickly, even if you currently don't have a market or products.
  • Creating irresistible proposals that set you far apart from other businesses - your proposal ends up in the review pile instead of the cookie cutter trash pile.
  • How to EASILY do the math... Grow Your Income & Profit By Getting Sponsored
  • ​Understanding the Difference Between Sponsorships and Donations... offer too much trade and you'll come up delinquent and be swimming in debt.
  • The 3 Keys to Get Sponsored: Relationships, Benefits, and Accountability... Master These and You'll Be Way Ahead of the Game!

The Top FIVE Reasons To Enroll Now!

5. You'll get Basic to advanced foundations of sponsorship — NEVER get taken advantage of by savvy consultant language again.

4. You'll discover How to Create and Implement an Effective Sponsorship Campaign — No more guess work in front of a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

3. You’ll be taught the Seven Deadly Agreement Sins — Do any of these 7 common mistakes and the proposal you spent weeks on will get SHREDDED.

2. You’ll Master the Secrets of Social Media Specialized for Sponsorship — The days of cold calling and endless voicemails are OVER—15 minute a day strategy to get sponsors calling you!

1. You'll Learn How to Define Your Market Niche and Maximize your Funding — The risk of not learning this costs you thousands of dollars every month in sponsorship and marketing dollars.

You’ve waited long enough for the simple explanation of how people are getting their dreams funded!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, have an established brand and business, or if you already have sponsors and want to increase sponsorship dollars. You can have the step-by-step roadmap with over 4 hours of immediately usable content and worksheets.

What You Don't Know About Sponsorship Is Costing You A Fortune!

I'm disgusted that some instructors are charging up to $7,500 or more for courses that are confusing and hard to follow.

Even worse is that some sponsorship consultants are charging $10,000+ retainers plus 15%-20% of the total sponsorship!!!

Worse yet is the consultants that are charging $12,000+ just to write a sponsorship proposal.

That's crazy when there's no doubt they're using the same techniques I'm teaching you in this course.

Get Sponsored And Have Fun Doing It!

Debbie is a Social Media Strategist teaching people about the power of building authentic relationships online through LinkedIn and Twitter. Although she was doing some small trainings, she wanted to find a way to do bigger trainings and help more people but needed the resources to grow. Hint: Sponsorship!

After implementing the specific tips for approaching sponsors on Twitter covered in lesson 5 in the course, she’s now been sponsored and built relationships with brands such as The Corner Bakery Café, Kind Bar, and White House/Black Market.

Let me tell you about Debbie...

I attended Roberto's Sponsorship Bootcamp and walked away with specific Strategies and Techniques to immediately put into place. His Knowledge - Expertise - Out of the Box Thinking enabled the Audience to fully understand How to acquire Sponsors… I Highly RECOMMEND Roberto Candelaria for his Over the Top KNOWLEDGE!

Debbie Saviano

I will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know (AND what you don't need to know!)

  • How to connect with the person writing the sponsor check!... I've seen too many talented people panic and lose hard earned money only to scramble to find a day job because they didn't know how to approach a sponsor to get funding for their great ideas.
  • The 7 Best Practices for Writing Your Proposal... Know What it Takes to Get Them to Say "YES"! WARNING - Use these two old "industry standards" in your proposal and you'll get rejected.
  • How To Charge Thousands MORE... Even When Your Customers Or Sponsors Are Telling You No!

For less than the cost of a starbucks every day…you could learn a skill that makes you thousands and streamlines your business.streamlines your business.

In depth case study of what this course could mean for you

Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur and has been for over 20 years. Living in Gainesville, Virginia with her husband and two teenagers, she’s had a knack for discovering niche markets from service industries to consumer goods. She’s done event planning, land development feasibility, owned a retail store, and designed and manufactured award-winning accessories to make medical devices fashionable.

Christina came up with the idea after a broken foot left her in an awful walking medical boot, the day before she was headed to New York City, Fashion Capital of the World. Having previously owned an upscale boutique, she thought she would be able to find something... anything to make the boot look somewhat fashion-forward. Realizing there was nothing available, she started designing cuffs and accessories to take the boot from a casual affair to the office to formal events with styles for both children and adults.

If that’s not enough for a mom who loves to attend her kids volleyball, hockey, and other school events… she’s also an author and manages her newest brand, PR for Anyone.

I met Christina in October 2012 when I speaking at Author 101 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was so excited about the possibility of sponsorship that she nearly tackled me as I stepped down from the stage.

I had just taught how Authors could accelerate the growth of their brands by getting sponsored (the very same concepts I teach in sponsorship roadmap) and Christina told me she couldn't absorb the information fast enough…she took the course and went on to write the bestselling book, PR for Anyone™ 100+ Affordable Ways To Easily Create Buzz for your Business with over 100 tips to gain free media exposure and also launched products and services for her new PR for Anyone™ brand.

The best part? By implementing the strategies taught in this course, she’s been sponsored by brands such are PR Newswire, SKYPE, Microsoft 365, and more!

Christina truly is an entrepreneur who understands what furthering her education can accomplish when you implement what you’ve learned.

I know how important it is that you find the step-by-step solution to fund your business and your dreams, so the Sponsorship Roadmap System is available for immediate access as soon as you enroll today!

If you're looking to fund your dreams, move your business forward and maximize sponsorship opportunities in ways that only he [Roberto] knows (simply because he's worked with some huge corporations), then sign up for his next course, book or event.

Lacy Kirkland

The information you need at a fraction of what sponsorship consultants will charge you

The is my newest online program sharing the exact tips and strategies my private clients are using to get sponsored. I’ve got a problem though.. While I’ve got testimonials for my other courses and and products, I’d need some for this course. If you’re willing to help me out with your honest feedback within 30 days of receiving it the course, you can access the training for only $546.99.

We’ll finance it for you zero interest or give you a big cash discount. . . Your choice!

If you need help with financing, no problem. Just put $99 down today and make 3 easy payments of $149.33. Zero shipping (because you get instant access to this all-digital course) and Zero Interest.

Want a cash discount? Save us the accounting hassle and we’ll take a whopping 50 bucks off. You pay only $497.

By the way...

Tons of people message me after reading this and ask if i’m available for consultation or personal coaching. The thing is—my hourly rate is $500.00 per hour, but most people don't need it once they go through the course.

Although I'd love the opportunity to work with you one on one - think about these figures and see how simply going through the course makes the most sense.

I'm so sure that The Sponsorship Roadmap will be the tool you need to be confident about approaching corporate sponsors, that if it doesn't I'll jump on 3 one on one phone consultations with you.

My friends told me I'm crazy...

I'm so sure that The Sponsorship Roadmap will be the tool you need to be confident about approaching corporate sponsors, that if it doesn't I'll jump on 3 one on one phone consultations with you.

Other consultant friends told me I was absolutely NUTS for offering what I'm now going to offer... if you're one the first 100 to order right NOW, you will receive one free Sponsorship Proposal review. That's right, I will personally critique and review your first sponsorship proposal AND give you a free 25 minute phone consultation. I'll help you with any aspect of sponsorship you choose, whether it's finding the right contact, sponsorship strategy, sales and negotiation, or research. I'll be right there personally making sure you are on the right track. Remember, you must be in the first 100 to get this bonus.

Now Check Out These Other Bonuses:


47 Minute Webinar Replay “The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Sponsorship, and how to avoid them” – This MP3 file that you can listen to either online or on the go will give you competitive edge as you get sponsored (A $47.00 value)


"Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship" PDF Ebook (A $27 value)


5 Sample Fill-in-the-Blank Sponsorship Agreement Templates. Download these time tested agreements and be ready when a sponsor says yes! (A $97.00 value) Sponsorship Agreement Templates. Download these time tested agreements and be ready when a sponsor says yes! (A $97.00 value)

Now You're Probably Asking... "Is There A Guarantee"?

Roberto Candelaria

There sure is! It's a 30-day money back guarantee.

I know for a fact that when you sign up for the course, access the training, and implement what's taught that you WILL get incredible results.

Here's the deal: Just provide me with your completed handouts and a copy of your sponsorship proposal, and I'm happy to give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

What Are You Waiting For?
It's Your Time to Get Sponsored!

Roberto signing

P.S. I'm disgusted with many consultants who will tell you anything to get you to give them money, then disappear and NEVER help you. I refuse to be like this. Anyone dealing with my organization will get top-notch service-guaranteed!

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