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Group Coaching:
One of the Strongest Ways to Grow Your Business or Idea

One very important word...


There is a reason why even the best athletes, performers, public figures, and financial people – the best in any industry, period – continually work with at least one coach or mentor, no matter where they are in their career.

We Live in a Time Where Saying
“I’ll Do it On My Own” is a Red Flag

Are you doing it on your own and not getting the results or revenue you want?Ever caught yourself telling your friends and family "I just need to get out of my head and then I'll be fine?"  What happened?

If you're anything like me, you might have ended up slowly slipping back into your default mode. And let’s be honest, your old habits and ways of doing things did NOT work to produce the results you want.

Very few of us can do it on our own— and, even if you could, let me share with you the benefits of a community.

Welcome to the Dreamers and Doers Group Coaching Program!

One of the biggest benefits of the Dreamers and Doers Group Coaching program is we're a business discussion group that creates a community focused on your success. You aren’t left alone staring at a blank screen or wandering aimlessly through the week hoping you’re on the right track. You’re encouraged to ask questions, obtain resources simply by asking, or open up your questions to the entire community when you don’t even know the questions to ask. It’s a win/win. Benefit from years of various skill sets and save your two most valuable resources, your time and money, by learning from the community.

Most group coaching models out there are hands-off training. I can’t stand consultants and gurus who don’t show up to serve the people who desperately need them. People meet with these "gurus" once or twice a year hoping to get answers to the questions that are holding their growth hostage. The Dreamers and Doers Group Coaching Program community is the place where your dreams and ideas can be transformed into a serious strategy that achieve results faster than you could have ever hoped to alone. 

Calls That are Relevant to What's Happening Today, Not Months Ago

Be the first to find out. After many years of being a in-demand mentor, trainer, and consultant and having the opportunity to work with brands such as American Airlines, BMW, Dell, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm insurance, Wells Fargo and Zappos, just to name a few.— I learned how to quickly get to the heart of complex issues, see solutions and help to illuminate a path to forward progress and profitability. It was my job to figure out what was working, and what needed to be changed.

With new apps, social media platforms, software and widgets being developed and announced daily, group calls will address time-saving resources that are relevant TODAY.

Created with Enough Structure to Support Your Business Goals

We’ll have LIVE training and coaching twice a month to help you go from idea to implementation. Live, leading edge training that’ll let you know what’s working (and what’s not) right now in business. LIVE training that takes you from passion to platform and profit.

Each month our training will have different content, but they all have one goal…helping you achieve the results you want in your business.

Here's what to expect! 

Monthly Training #1
From Dreaming to Doing
 (1st Thursday of Each Month)

Topics to include: 

  • Specialized training to take you from idea to income, now
  • How to get crystal clear about what you want, so you can head in the right direction
  • Product creation strategies for any industry
  • From team you; to empire building
  • Pricing what you're worth and when to charge even more
  • From time to time we'll have Guest Expert business strategies (Social Media, Autoresponder marketing, Outsourcing)
  • In-depth Sponsorship Specific Training Topics
  • The training YOU ask for... 
Lacy Kirkland Product Launch Strategist & Company Culture Specialist

Roberto is an incredible mind. With his help and guidance, I took the big jump to double my business revenue and consistently grow."

Monthly Training #2
Celebration and Clarification 
(3rd Thursday of Each Month)

Topics to include: 

  • Hear successes and get clarification on the path you took from the week before
  • Motivation and guard railing your business so you avoid success sabotage
  • Answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask
  • Business spotlights (hot seats) - Get feedback from the community
  • A safe place to read sales pitches, marketing copy, or show the community your website.

Miss a Week? Life Get in the Way?

All sessions are recorded and available as a replay! If you have to miss a call, be sure to email your questions to us and I'll answer them for you. Then, hear the answer to your question(s) on the replay!  

The Information & Coaching You Need at a Fraction of What Private Coaching and Consultants Will Charge You

I have a lot of demand for my private coaching sessions, but I am very aware that starting at $1,000 a pop, these are too expensive for many folks.

The Dreamers and Doers Group Coaching is a super-affordable alternative that might be even better than my private sessions, because you get to listen and learn from other people facing challenges just like you!

Just by being on the call I know you’ll learn valuable strategies and tips that you can immediately implement in your business! You can also ask questions, get mini-coaching or observe others being coached.

With all of this I should be charging $297 or more a month. In fact, one of my mentors told me I was crazy to allow access at this pricing.

The Dreamers and Doers Group Coaching Program is just $97/month!

Want a cash discount? Save us the accounting hassle by registering for a full year of tips and strategies to grow your business and we’ll take a whopping 167 bucks (that's almost 2 months) off. You pay only $997 for a year of group coaching.

In just a short time Roberto provided guidance that will help shift my business to a whole new level! What impresses me most is how he "gets it"; he understands what it takes to build a successful business. He is authentic, tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and truly wants to help make a difference so that you will succeed. No matter what level your business is at - start-up, a business looking to grow and stretch - Roberto can and will help you!

Carolyn Owens Infinity Coaching

It Isn't For Everyone...

I’ve titled this group the Dreamers and Doers because while I need you to come to the group with your exciting ideas and dreams, it’s expected that you’ll use the serious strategies that the group and I spend time developing for you.

This group is NOT for...​

    1. Anyone who is not committed to their success​.
    2. Anyone looking for the "easy" way or a "get rich quick" program.
    3. Anyone who is lazy and wants to make excuses about why they aren't getting the results they want in business.

Who This Coaching is For...

  • Anyone who is looking for surefire strategies to blow away your prospective sponsors… and charge more for your products, services, and sponsorships!
  • Anyone who is tired of hearing “no” and working too hard for too few results
  • Anyone who is teachable & willing to follow through

The Fine Print About Your Membership

• You will be billed monthly.
• You may cancel at any time.
• If you cancel, we will cancel your access at the end of the current billing period.
• We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first month's membership. 
• Once past the first 30 days there are no refunds.

Can't wait to connect with you on our calls! 

P. S.  I’m disgusted with many consultants who will tell you anything to get you to give them money, then disappear and NEVER help you. I look forward to being LIVE with you twice a month when you join my Dreamers and Doers Group Coaching Program.

Get Started!

The Dreamers and Doers Community
the place where your dreams and ideas can be transformed into a serious strategy that achieves results faster than you could have ever hoped for.

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